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Water Treatment Plant

Titusville, Florida

In the fall of 2001 I was given information about a sighting by Thomas Steenburg. This information was given to him by the main witness, and he subsequently contacted me to investigate.

The incidents occurred at the Blue Heron Water Treatment Plant in Titusville, Florida.The Plant is located west of Titusville in the St. Johns National Wildlife Reserve and consists of 300 acres of Wetlands with seven treatment ponds.The entire Plant is surrounded by a 6 foot fence, with a gate located at the entrance.

Sightings of several different Bigfoot were seen at this location over many years. One sighting involved the main witness and a co-worker who saw a large (7-8 ft. tall) Bigfoot, roughly 50 feet from them.

Another incident happened on the weekend of Sept. 12, 2001 (around midnight). The witness waswalking through the darkened, front office when something caught her eye. Leaning against one of the large picture windows looking in at the witness was a Bigfoot.

On the window were hand prints. The prints showed hair patterns from where the Bigfoot had rested the hands and forearms on the glass. The prints were very oily; swabs were taken to send off for analysis.

The prints were approximately 11.5 inches in length, and 6.5 inches wide at the ball of the hand. These prints measured, at center, 6’ 7.5” from the ground (the hands were on the glass at the Bigfoot’s shoulder height). Photos were taken, and the prints were lifted from the glass. Later analysis by Jimmy Chilcutt (prints), and Todd Disotell (NYU, DNA) proved inconclusive. The oily substance from the prints was too degraded for DNA extraction. 

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