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Rock Print

Impression found in an area similar to this

On the muddy fork of the Sandy River on Mt. Hood in Oregon, Todd Neiss came across, what appeared to be, a large footprint in a field of rocks and stones along the river.

After filming the area, and casting the print, he showed it the Henner Farenbach for analysis. Dr Farenbach concluded that it had all the characteristics of a Sasquatch foot impression. This conclusion was made, in part, due to the curvature of the print. It did not have flat or straight sides.

Next, Todd Neiss asked Peter Byrne to accompany him to the area to give his opinion on the impression. Mr. Byrne looked at the impression, and after perusing the locale, concluded that the print was from a rock.

Byrne found a fine line of algae along the upstream side of the impression, as well as, on all the rocks in the vicinity. There was no algae in the impression, as there should have been, if something had stepped there.

Neiss and Byrne then looked around the impression and located a rock that had been dislodged about 5 feet upstream from the impression. The rock fit perfectly into the impression.