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The sounds and vocals on this page are for comparison

and educational purposes. All vocals are alleged to be that of Sasquatch.

At this time, and to the knowledge of SHR, there is no verifiable

scientific data available; meaning there are no witness that can visually confirm a vocalization emitting from a Sasquatch.

911 Call

This call was made by a gentleman in the Kitsap Peninsula, Washington State in the 1990's.

Puyallup, WA 1973

Ohio 1994

Chehalis Flats

This recording was, at first, thought to be a Sasquatch. After an investigation by Thomas Steenburg, Gerry Matthews, and Ken Kristian , it was determined that the sounds were from coyotes. See

Sierra Sounds

Please visit and listen to clips. These vocalizations are extremely powerful evidence for a Sasquatch language. SHR appreciates all the hard work and dedication of Researchers Al Berry and Ron Morehead. 



This site offers many species of owl vocals.

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