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Frame #352 from the 1967

Patterson/Gimlin Film

Hovey Photo:

This photo was sent by an undisclosed person to Melissa Hovey. The photo was received in 2008. Melissa publicly released it in February 2012. Real or hoax?? Unfortunetly, there is really no way of knowing, unless the person who sent this photo is willing to give researchers a good deal more information.

Copyright 2012 American Bigfoot Society

Coast Range, NW Oregon (11/08) found by Diane Stocking:

Foot impression, Approx. 15 1/2 inches long (heal

bottom right, toes/​ball center top)


Green Swamp, Florida:       


(above) measures approx. 8 inches long and was found inside an adult track.

(below) measures approx. 19 inches long (many of these size tracks found in area).      

Track way found in the Green

Swamp. Pictured is Dave Sidoti,

SHR Secretary, and Founder of the ISRT.

Central Florida Hand Prints:

Hand prints found on pane glass office window in Central Florida.

Measured approx. 11 1/2 inches each.

Employee witnessed Bigfoot looking through window; this occurred at night during "grave yard" shift. Employee had a previous encounter (within 50 feet) with a bigfoot at this same location.

The office is located in a rural area and is adjacent to the St. Johns Wildlife Reserve. Oil samples were too degraded for DNA extraction. SHR is still researching this area.

Doerr Photo:

Below is a picture taken by Fire Chief, Vince Doerr, in the summer of 1997.

Human/Gorilla Skeleton Comparison:

Human/Gorilla Feet



Patterson/Gimlin Film Stabilization

copyright MK Davis

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