Stocking Hominid Research, Inc.

Non-Profit Scientific Research

Oregon Trip:

From October 19, 2008, through December 2008 Diane Stocking had been hiking the wilds of Oregon. She had been working areas between the Cascade and Coastal Ranges,

camping out in her tent, and accompanied by her two dogs, Kate and Hazel.

During her trip she came across two different sets of footprints/tracks in one area. Both sets of tracks were 24-36 hours old.

note: Large amount of Elk and Deer tracks found in this area.

BELOW: 17"x 7 1/2" track (toes at top of picture) These tracks were followed through brush for approx. 200 yards.

Next set of tracks included a partial in the road, followed by two toe/ball gouges in the hill bank going uphill. Print width was approx. 9 inches wide. The distance between gouges was 72 inches. SHR opinion; the Sasquatch was at a slow jog going uphill.

partial in road

first gouge

distance between gouges, 72 inches