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Recently, there has been an enormous amount of information spread throughout the Internet dealing with the analysis of alleged Sasquatch DNA.

I am extremely skeptical about all of this, mainly, due to the lack of "chain-of-evidence" in all the samples submitted. None of the samples were obtained through documented collection procedures. Simply put, there are no known photos or videos, or any other data showing the fingernail/hair/chunk of meat being removed from said Sasquatch. If you didn't pull it off of the Sasquatch body, how do you know it came from a Sasquatch???

Furthermore, the story of the hunters who shot and killed the 2 Sasquatch, in my opinion, sounds like a compilation of stories used to possibly perpetrate a hoax. It doesn't ring true. A young Sasquatch dies in the hunter's arms and he didn't take a picture of it? These guys shot and killed 2 Sasquatch and have absolutely nothing to show that they were even there?

Here are numerous links to information being circulated around the Internet. These links are only a few of the many out there on line.

These links are here for informational purposes:

Male Chimp Hyoid

One aspect in the anatomy of great apes, in regard to Bigfoot, that is intriguing, is the laryngeal air sacs (located in the throat). Humans lack these air sacs as well as Hyoids with the pronounced “cup shape” in the middle.

The combination of air sacs and Hyoid shape in the great apes is very distinctive in comparisons between humans and apes. In a paper published by the University of Amsterdam, “it is proposed that an air sac would reduce the ability to produce distinctive speech, but would enhance the impression of size of the vocalizer”. With the presence of air sacs in great apes, lower frequency sounds and a smaller acoustic range is the result. They are capable of making louder percussive, booming noises. Witnesses have reported very loud screams, roars, and other various vocalizations from Bigfoot. Witnesses have also reported, and recorded, alleged speech from them. The possibility does exist that Bigfoot could, in fact, have a hominid shaped Hyoid and vocal tract-way, as well as, air sacs. The evolutionary process could have resulted in this combination. This could account for witness accounts of both speech and extremely loud, intense vocals.

Data or physical evidence related to the physiology of Bigfoot does not exist. To date, we don’t know anything definitive about them, which would include their skeletal structure, gestation period, and mortality. At this point, anything is possible, and slightly less probable.