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Diane Stocking

Diane was raised in Cutler Ridge, Florida; ten miles north of Homestead. The area was known as the Black Swamp, and part of the Everglades before it was drained and built on in the early 50's. With the early 70's came many Sasquatch reports in South Florida; this is what grabbed Diane's attention, and subsequently, became her life's passion.

Diane holds a degree in Forestry.

She is well known and well respected in the field of Bigfoot/Sasquatch studies. She has been working in the field as an Independent Researcher for most of her research years.

Diane thrives in the woods, and also enjoys wildlife photography. Diane has 3 sons; George, Boomer, and Curtis. She has a reputation as a "no nonsense, tell it like it is" researcher.

Diane has an immense love of animals and nature.

Dave Sidoti

I'm 42 years old and have been in the research for 13 years, I have lived in Florida most of my life, and am the owner of the ISRT (Independent Sasquatch Research Team). I have worked with Diane Stocking for most of those years since I started in the research work. I have a good back ground in research field work, and I continue to search for many answers.

Ron Schaffner

An active field investigator, Ron Schaffner has researched unusual phenomena, especially those associated with cryptozoology, since 1975.

He became interested in the subject while doing a part-time radio show, where he found a copy of John A. Keel's paperback, Strange Creatures from Time and Space. A 30-minute talk show turned out to be his over two decades' search for the answer to mysteries. Schaffner was highly active during the reported creature wave of 1977 and 1980, and many of his cases have been documented in various publications.

Schaffner holds to no particular theory of origins but believes the key to the phenomena is within the witnesses. He also thinks that the term "Bigfoot" is generic in its usage. It may be possible that various groups of feral primates exist in North America; when witnesses encounter them, they naturally think of the legendary hominid known as Bigfoot in modern culture, even if these specific creatures are something else.

Schaffner is a retired computer technician. He is an active amateur radio operator.